“I have been using Cals Horse minerals for several years and have used it on racing Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, trail horses, rope horses, and foals. It has been a great supplement to help reduce joint and bone issues down the road. I highly recommend it for any type or horse or discipline. ” — Lane Dixon, DVM East Mountain Veterinary Service LLC

“For 25 years our veterinary practice has prescribed Cal’s minerals over any other product for three reasons: best balance of minerals, more quantity of minerals and vitamins, essential minerals not found in other products, at an affordable price.”
Barbara T. Page, DVM, IVCA, Colorado Equine Clinic
I started my 15 yr. old Gypsy Vanner mare on Cal’s Minerals, on the recommendation of my veterinarian. It was a bit of a learning curve, trying to figure out the most effective way to get “Honey Rose” to eat it. Cal’s is gritty and she wasn’t interested at first. Sandy worked with me to find a solution and now my picky eater gobbles it down. Her coat is glossy, her eyes are bright and she looks amazing. I’m impressed with both the supplement and the excellent customer service. — Julie Guarino
“Hanna, Greta and Clancy are burros from the Bureau of Land Management. When they came to us their coat was quite dull and a bit on the thin side. I tried a number of products and then a friend of mine told me about her horse and Cal’s Minerals. What a difference in the three burros, they are nice and healthy with a shiny Burro Coat. These really work, and you see a difference.” — Jodi in Grand County Colorado